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Posted by Maik Rockstar on March 04, 2001 at 23:17:07:

In Reply to: Re: Thought of the day posted by Ann Bonny on March 03, 2001 at 23:41:46:

Dear Ann Bonny,

you're making the correct remark that the resistance of mockery is dependent on the inner strength. But most people dont have that inner strength, sometimes me too. So you could also see it that way: Not the others are too strong - you are too weak. That is of course the more realistic way if you intend to change something. Because you cant change the others but you can always change yourself. Nevertheless, the thing you always remark through life are the reactions of other human beings and its there where the problems start. Living on an emtpy planet you dont need inner strength, self confidence, courage, resistance to withstand mockery.
Concerning homosexuality: I for myself dont like homosexuality at all. The imagination to share intimacy with another men is disgustingly for me. Nevertheless i dont want - unlike you - homosexuals to stop with what they are doing. Well knowingly that they even cant just "stop" being homosexual, because its really born by their nature. Its ok if you dont like homosexuality, but stop trying to force up your ideals on other people who dont share them with you. Maybe some homosexuals dont like heterosexuals: would you like it if they designate heterosexuality as an "impediment" that has to be overcome? Stop trying to change people cos you dont have the right to do so.
As you dont want others to change you, dont try to change them.
And "Mother Nature" wants you to do what you will in the first place, thats why she equipped you with a free will. Follow that will and you will walk the path of blessedness - ignore it and you will discover sadness.



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