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Posted by Kristian on January 21, 2001 at 13:45:07:

In Reply to: Languages and Feelings posted by BlackChest on January 20, 2001 at 21:55:14:

: It's a simply thing that the main thing above has to be the music and not just one person or Rolf himself.

I agree, and I think therefore I'll buy the next RW-album in spite of all strange things that are or were going on (my boycott-idea was stupid, I admit, couldn't pull it through anyway for myself). RW-music is MUCH too important for me.

: Maybe you are insulted and maybe you don't like the decision which was made, but please keep in mind that metal is business just like other businesses and behind this aspect RW truly has never betrayed their fans in any way - they still are playing metal! And which concerns Rolf as a person, of course he has a private life as well as all of us! So why can't you tolerate his decision maybe not to visit cities he doesn't like or whatever e.g.? You don't do things which you don't like either!

Yes, right, metal is business too, but that's exactly the point why I absolutely do not understand the ignoring of Berlin! If it's business, then I also have to do things that I don't like so very much just because my wealth depends on it! It's the same for me at my work. I like my job very much (I'm a chemical technician), but from time to time there are stupid things to do which I don't like to do but they won't be done just by sitting around and ignoring them. There's not much that makes me upset, but an arrogant and ignorant attitude of a musician, football-star, actor,... who forgets which people made him rich (it's us, the fans!) will surely make my blood boil. If I would act the same way at work, I'd surely lose my job!



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