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Posted by Per-Ola on January 21, 2001 at 01:16:41:

In Reply to: New aspect of the drummer-story posted by Kristian on January 16, 2001 at 17:31:42:

I have heard rumours about Angelo Sasso being J�rg Michael, and the reasons for the pseodonyme was that Stratovarius wouldn't let him play, so he played under false name.

I've also heard rumours about Angelo Sasso being Hashce. And I guess you know the drum machine theories. But maybe it's Hasche, who knows. It wasn't me anyway, promise! ;-)

: Hello,

: it's me again. First I apologize for having written in German in my last messages so that some of you might have felt excluded. But that's the force of habit ;o) OK, one thing just came to my mind. You all remember that Rolf, asked about Angelo Sasso, said that this is a pseudonym of some person who does not want to be recognized, for whatever reason. So, now we got the sad message from Bodo (plus the VERY poor statement from Rolf!) in which he (Bodo) makes some innuendo about AC. I now wonder if Angelo Sasso is AC instead! I don't know why, but it sounds reasonable to me. What if AC wanted Bodo to leave the "band" because AC might want to rejoin the "band"? Tell me your opinions about this, and Bodo, if you read this you might help in this affair. Thanks!


: Kristian

: P.S.: it's just an idea, nothing more

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