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Posted by BlackChest on January 20, 2001 at 21:55:14:

Okay people, I know these might be hard times for some of us, but please don't annoy yourselves with things they really aren't worth to discuss about.

I don't want to instruct anyone whether to use their motherlanguage or any other language, but all of us know that english is spoken all over the world and especially on the internet. So please try to use english as the main language here.

But I also understand that nearly 50 % of all visitors from this site (not 90 %, L�ffel) are germans or speak german and they need to point out what they have to say in their motherlanguage. Per-Ola, I hope that you remember last year, when RW toured Sweden... A lot of swedish messages were written down here and they were tolerated, too.

The other point I wants to talk about is the situation about the band, Rolf and Bodo. Of course I was shocked about the news, too, but in my opinion nobody has the right to insult anyone as long as you don't know exactly what's going on or what was going on in the past.

It's a simply thing that the main thing above has to be the music and not just one person or Rolf himself.

Maybe you are insulted and maybe you don't like the decision which was made, but please keep in mind that metal is business just like other businesses and behind this aspect RW truly has never betrayed their fans in any way - they still are playing metal! And which concerns Rolf as a person, of course he has a private life as well as all of us! So why can't you tolerate his decision maybe not to visit cities he doesn't like or whatever e.g.? You don't do things which you don't like either!

To come to an end for this time...I simply wanted to point out that first of all you have to ask yourself whether if you are a tolerantly person or not and then try to read RW lyrics under this aspect. Maybe then you get the point also...

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