The Rivalry 

4-TRACK PICTURE-LP (GUN 160, BMG ARIOLA 74321 52613 1 A)
CD (GUN 155, BMG ARIOLA 74321 52613 2)
3D-COVER CD (GUN 155, BMG ARIOLA 74321 55405 2)

March of the final Battle (The End of all Evil) (2:00)
The Rivalry (5:34)
Kiss of Death (3:36)
Firebreather (4:04)
Return of the Dragon (6:48)
Resurrection (4:45)
Ballad of William Kidd (8:43)
Agents of Black (3:56)
Fire & Thunder (7:33)
The Poison (4:39)
Adventure Galley (4:19)
Man on the Moon (4:48)
War & Peace (7:44)

March of the final Battle (The End of all Evil)

Music: Rolf Kasparek


The Rivalry

Music: Rolf Kasparek
Lyrics: Rolf Kasparek

Since all time began the holy council guards the light
They saw dawn of man, made by gods to serve their pride
Their slave, he fell from grace, he became the renegade
But evilness took place, cause a darkened force lurked in the shade
Silent wings of black, shadowed all the good at heart
The snake on the attack, shot to bite right off dark
The poison in their vein, freezed their soul, their heart, their mind
So they praised the evil's name, the beast to serve, the world to grind
Time of all eternity, can never change the final destiny
The purified that stood the fight, will be saved to see the world of light
The Rivalry, since eternity, the final fight the blackened world to free
Lost in hate, determined fate, all evil's damned to walk the fiery gate
The time is right at hand, to see the truth behind the lie
Decade of evils end, the poisoned heart is doomed to die
The chosen one is here, they're in a deadly fix
he is the one they fear, cause he is up to all their tricks

Kiss of Death

Music: Rolf Kasparek
Lyrics: Rolf Kasparek

Hey, Mr. Man in black, no more disguise
It's just a waste of time, we see through your lies
You think you've ruled the world, through the endless time
But on your wealthless soul, I wouldn't bet a dime
When the elder drops his arm you're dead and lost
He takes away your breath with the kiss of death
No deal can save your soul, we know your evil name
We see your cloven hoof, we know your evil game
You've really passed the point, the point of no return
When your evil soul will melt, the good at heart will yearn
(Dedicated to Paul, Gene, Acc & Peter)


Music: Rolf Kasparek
Lyrics: Rolf Kasparek

Three days of darkness, eternal night
Celestial sign swallows up the light
A raging storm, Armaggeddon's here
The enslaved's hope is the evil's fear
He rides the wind on silent wings, Laserbeams ripping steel
Black helicopters go up in flames, before they know that he's real
Firebreather, raging from the stormy sky
Firebreather, smoke and thunder steal the light away
Black soldiers walk the gates of hell
They drop their mask, they come off their shell
Minotaurs and genetic beasts
Invade the world with a bloody feast
Man in black your time is up
Universal law, your outta luck
No dirty tricks, no unfair fight
He shoots your head off with his first strike

Return of the Dragon

Music: Rolf Kasparek
Lyrics: Rolf Kasparek

Only when the last dragonslayer has been layed by the heels
And his demonic soul is melting in the holy flames of eternal truth
The dragons kingdom will return to free the enslaved soul
From his shackles of hate
That will be the time, when the Serpent looses its tongue and its head!!
The kiss of the Serpent brings darkness and torment
They fight the defender with treason and slander
Seducing to blindness, souls' getting mindless
They're slaying the dragon, they're hunting the pagan
When the unerring law of the dragon returns, to wipe away all the
The Serpent is banned and the soulless will burn, the roof of all evil to
No resurrection with evil's attraction
Denying its spell, might save you from hell
Pre + Chorus...
The death of all badness brings the end of all madness
Misleading liars, they will burn in the fires
Pre + Chorus


Music: Rolf Kasparek
Lyrics: Rolf Kasparek

The fight of light & darkness put the test on you
The pain of tribulation is what you're going through
Determination is on you, cause fate's in your own hand
The power of seduction is the test you have to stand
Days of war and thunder, that's what the dark lives on
A fast trip on a one-way until all good is gone
They love to see you falling, to save their binding spell
You're on a suicide mission, a final trip to hell
Death is calling, unerring destiny
Black heart's falling, for all eternity
Resurrection, the soul survivors stand
Chain-reaction, but the good at heart will stand the hand of fate
So see the whole connection, between all things they do
They try to daze your senses, cause the evil's never true
They promise you their heaven, they're giving you their hell
A ticket to damnation is what these people sell

Ballad of William Kidd

Music: Rolf Kasparek
Lyrics: Rolf Kasparek

He was born at the shore of Greenock in the year 1645,
Ran away at the age of fourteen, to flee from his soul-killing life
He signed on to sail the wild-winds
but he worked down his hands and his knees
he stood his test on the waters, so they said "He was bred to the sea."
In 1697, the "Adventure..." was setting its sails
With the letters of marque and reprisal, Kidd was prepared for his trail
They sailed the sea with the mission, to hunt down "Tew" and "Long Ben"
A serious riot was rising, so Kidd struck down one of his men
And he died!
Blue-blooded men they fell from grace
Piranhas eating their own
They sacrificed at the altar of lies
So fate took its course in the ballad of William Kidd
The "Adventure..." returned to her hometown, Kidd was forced to defence
They charged him with looting and murder his patrons and generous friends
he'd left his crew at St.Thomas, to guard his honour from shame
But the lords they lied like a trooper, not to lose their own heads in the game
Pre + Chorus...
The lords testified, their unholy lies, to save their own heads from the gallows
They sacrificed Kidd, they took him for a ride, that conspirational fellows
They judged him and they found him guilty of piracy of the high seas
Betraying men of honour, you know lie and cheat as they please
A case of judicial murder caused the death of a seafaring man
Slanderous bunch of liars, to hell your souls will be damned
Blue-blooded men they fell from grace
Piranhas eating their own
They sacrificed at the altar of lies
So fate took its portentous course. What a shame!
In the ballad of William Kidd
(Dedicated to the memory of William Kidd)

Agents of Black

Music: Rolf Kasparek
Lyrics: Rolf Kasparek

The gates of hell are opened wide
The evil reigns with eternal night
The end of time is breaking lose
Light or dark, you're up to choose
The fallen gods, infinite pride
They serve the dark, they fear the light
They caress the lie, they kiss  the hate
They guard the flies, they rule the shade
Black, souls insane, invade the worlds with a feast of war and
Pain, the final fight will be done when they are dead and gone
Agents of black
They're sending out their raging beasts
To invade the world from west to east
Infected wings to spread their seed
They hunt man down their beasts to feed
Authorities an evils force
They saved their pact with lies and wars
Blackened men, their souls are banned
The final fight, all evils end

Fire & Thunder

Music: Rolf Kasparek
Lyrics: Rolf Kasparek

Enchanted times, the decade of falling
But noone thinks of catastrophe,
Seductive voice of death is calling
The fall of man is just plain to see
The mighty reign of desperation
A deadly breeze by the Serpents hand
Darkest night, pride and hate
Raging force, the fate
Fire & Thunder, war & pain
Fire & Thunder, the devil's reign
The lost child is breathing badness
Building bombs just to serve his pride
Technological wings of madness
Could bring the end, eternal night
The souls of melt in the fire of distress
The world's caught in a deadly trance
The flames of hell their reign is endless
No way out, no more second chance
Darkest night, pride and hate
Raging force, the wings of fate
Fire & Thunder, war & pain
Fire & Thunder, the devil's reign
Fire & Thunder, the final fight
Fire & Thunder, eternal night

The Poison

Music: Rolf Kasparek
Lyrics: Rolf Kasparek

Poisoned snakes with doubled tongues, pretend to know the law
They menace with eternal hell, the fiend on velvet paws
They saw what you should do or not, to keep you just in line
Praying they will fool the blind till the end of time
Fight the firem the licking flame of hate
Fight the liar, the snake in the shade
He spites his wicked lies, the poison
He slithers, round his victim till he bites
He injects the fuel of hate, the poison
And the fallen angel spreads his blackened wings
They pray the wine, they serve the lie, that's dripping in your ears
They daze your mind, they need your soul to oil their evil gear
A mindless and obedient slave to the lord of flies
Their hearts are wrapped in blackest night, cashing in on lies
The evilness lives in their heart, Lucifer's the name
They bet your life, your soul's the prize, the pool in the game
They say they saw the god of light, but they will never proof
I know their god, they're praying to, two horns and cloven hoof

Adventure Galley

Music: Thilo Hermann
Lyrics: Rolf Kasparek

Addicted to the stormy sea, the sound of clashing waves
Proudly they are rushing by on their breathless chase
Hunting for "Long Ben" and "Tew" to bind them down in chains
They're standing every raging storm, the privation and the pain
They capture every sailing-ship, they're cashing in by stealth
Reprisal is the magic word to increase their heaped up wealth
They stand the stormy waters, the raging wild winds on the sea
No walking ghost or nightmare, could ever force them to their knees
Adventure Galley, proudly she's staying her course
Adventure Galley, the magical force, wild and free!

Man on the Moon

Music: Rolf Kasparek
Lyrics: Rolf Kasparek

Red-hot steel and thunder, fast and raging
The steely arrow shoots into the night
Heading for the unknown into darkness
Well equiped to see the other side
Hold on, time is right to dig the lie
Watch out, the truth will come to light
The skids are touching ground, dying engine
You're climbing off, you're switching on the lights
You're walking on the moon, the worlds of silence
But it tells you all the secrets that it hides
Man on the Moon, prowler of the night
Man on the Moon, tell man the secrets that you hide
You see the ball of light, the steely saucer
They're watching you and every step you'll make
Your superiours they told you that it's fiction
But what they sayed was nothing but a fake
So what's the point in sending out their spaceships
To look for something you should never find
Why they try to keep mankind away from knowledge
The cloven hoof is the secret that's behind

War & Peace

Music: Rolf Kasparek
Lyrics: Rolf Kasparek

The rifles are firing, the cracking of guns break the still
The march of the soldiers, no mercy, no thoughts and no will
They fall one by one, their blood is shed without sense
Trapped in the spell of a nightmare
War & Peace, you're walking just straight on the edge
War & Peace, you're dying in war, but you even can't live in peace
You gun down your victim and the devil is laughing in scorn
You're killing your brother, cause he's wearing the wrong uniform
The essence of all evil is living on madness and hate
So see and take over, to rule the key to your fate
(Inspired by the novel "War & Peace" by Leo Tolstoi)