"We are prisoners of our time, but we are still alive. Fight for the
freedom, fight for the right, we are Running Wild!"
- Prisoners Of Our Time, 1984 -
"All liberty is dying, to reign is the sense. Leading you to war,
can't you see where it ends."
- Fight The Oppression, 1985 -
"You're soulless when the fire of evil burns in your heart,
you're soulless 'cause hate and greed's gonna tear you apart."
- Soulless, 1994 -
"So open up your clouded eyes, the conspiracy to see. If you wipe
away their evil world, there's a chance of living free."
- Masquerade, 1995 -
"Strong and proud we'll survive the grief, scream and shout
for what we believe."
- Unation, 2002 -
"Libertalia, the wild and the free ... the ideal of freedom
is ruling the sea."
- Libertalia, 2005 -
"Darkness falls and light will rise, the force of judgement
finally strikes"
- Victory, 2000 -
"Fly our flag, we teach them fear, capture them the end is near.
Firing guns, they shall burn, surrender or fight, there's no return."
- Under Jolly Roger, 1987 -


  20.2.09 - 19:10 / By Running Wild

ReUnation - A Tribute To Running Wild

After the announcement of this new and thrilling project we received a lot of messages and shoals of applications from bands all over the world: Thanks Germany, Romania, Spain, Italy, France, United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland, Norway, United States of America, Argentina, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary, Russia and Japan - Thanks a lot! It's simply breathtaking to know about your support!

The new tribute-album will be called REUNATION - A TRIBUTE TO RUNNING WILD and these are the confirmed songs so far:

CRYSTAL VIPER - "Libertalia"
MAGICA - "Victory"
ORDEN OGAN - "Skull & Bones"
SATANOCHIO - "Siberian Winter"
SKILTRON - "Ballad Of William Kidd"
THUNDERSTORM - "Welcome To Hell"

As for the further billing expect nothing less than some more extraordinary bands and surprises which will be kept secret until further notice.
  15.2.09 - 18:00 / By Running Wild

New Tribute-Album in the making!

It's been already almost four years since "The Revivalry - A Tribute To Running Wild" hit the light. Soon after that, its success began to grow progressively and it significantly led to the idea that a tribute-album brought to a different level should come out, especially by bringing cover-songs from the newer albums by RUNNING WILD. And this time it is going to be like this!

The second yet untitled tribute-album will contain exclusively cover-songs from "The Rivalry" (1998), "Victory" (2000), "The Brotherhood" (2002) and "Rogues En Vogue" (2005) and is scheduled to be released tentatively in fall this year.

The artwork will be done by Romanian graphic artist Costin Chioreanu (myspace.com/twilight13media), who worked for bands like ABSU, CENTINEX, DECREPIT SPECTRE, DEMONICAL, GRAVE, THUNDERSTORM and many others.

We are proud to announce already the first bands, who will definitely be part of this album:

CRYSTAL VIPER, Poland (myspace.com/crystalviperofficial)
MAGICA, Romania (myspace.com/magicaband)
ORDEN OGAN, Germany (myspace.com/ordenogan)
SATANOCHIO, Romania (myspace.com/satanochio)
SKILTRON, Argentina (myspace.com/clanskiltron)
THUNDERSTORM, Romania (myspace.com/thunderstormmetal)

More bands and the songs they are about to cover will be announced soon.

The deadline for any contribution is set to August 15, 2009.

You can use the appropriate thread in our forum for general discussions.

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  01.2.09 - 19:00 / By Running Wild

In need of your assistance.

Since many years now I am carrying an idea with me and this idea grew on me ever since...every single day: I finally started seriously writing a biography about RUNNING WILD. I already wrote several fragments during all those years but I need to write much, much more as there is much more to tell, because this won't be just an ordinary biography but a biography written by the view of a fan, but not only...

My goal is to come up with some interesting facts not only by some (ex-)members of the band and Rolf himself, but also with some exclusive photos, some things of my life, how RUNNING WILD actually changed my life during all these years and how I think about certain aspects as well as this band influenced YOUR life and how YOU are thinking about certain things.

Therefore I need your assistance and ask you, if you want to be a part of this book and if you want to help and support this work, to contact me (contact[at]running-wild.net) and answer a few questions as detailed and honest as possible. But please spare me with pure hatred or things which might insult any person, as I need serious answers to analyze and include into this book.

So if you want to take part into a questionnaire I am currently setting up and if you actually have something to say about RUNNING WILD, please make sure that the continuation of my work might take up several months, maybe even years, until I can come up with the finished product. Please also remember that it is uncertain yet when and how this book ever will be released. But be sure that I am persistent and that I will come up with an ambitious and passionate work.

Jens - Site Admin

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