"We are prisoners of our time, but we are still alive. Fight for the
freedom, fight for the right, we are Running Wild!"
- Prisoners Of Our Time, 1984 -
"All liberty is dying, to reign is the sense. Leading you to war,
can't you see where it ends."
- Fight The Oppression, 1985 -
"You're soulless when the fire of evil burns in your heart,
you're soulless 'cause hate and greed's gonna tear you apart."
- Soulless, 1994 -
"So open up your clouded eyes, the conspiracy to see. If you wipe
away their evil world, there's a chance of living free."
- Masquerade, 1995 -
"Strong and proud we'll survive the grief, scream and shout
for what we believe."
- Unation, 2002 -
"Libertalia, the wild and the free ... the ideal of freedom
is ruling the sea."
- Libertalia, 2005 -
"Darkness falls and light will rise, the force of judgement
finally strikes"
- Victory, 2000 -
"Fly our flag, we teach them fear, capture them the end is near.
Firing guns, they shall burn, surrender or fight, there's no return."
- Under Jolly Roger, 1987 -


  22.9.03 - 12:00 / By Running Wild

Signing-Session with Rolf

You can meet & greet Rolf at the following locations:

Monday, 22.09.2003 : 17-18h : WOM Hamburg, Jungfernstieg 16-20
Tuesday, 23.09.2003 : 14-15h : Saturn Hagen, Friedrich-Ebert-Platz 1
Tuesday, 23.09.2003 : 17-18h : Saturn Dortmund, Westenhellweg 70-84
Wednesday, 24.09.2003 : 17-18h : Media Markt Heidelberg, Hebelstr. 22

Monday, 22.09.2003 : 22-23h : Hamburg, Headbangers Ballroom
Tuesday, 23.09.2003 : 22-23h : Bonn, Tresor, Wolfstr. 11
Wednesday, 24.09.2003 : 21-22h : Frankfurt, Speak Easy, Große Rittergasse 42

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  22.8.03 - 11:50 / By Running Wild

20 Years In History

20 years of RUNNING WILD is quite a good reason for a celebration! That's why we release a "20 Years In History" Double-CD on Noise / Sanctuary Records on September 22nd, 2003.

This treasure chest contains all the hits of the last 20 years, lots of photos + previously unreleased tracks! All songs are re-mixed and re-mastered, some of them are completely re-recorded.


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  03.8.03 - 7:00 / By Running Wild

The band says Thank You for Wacken

Dear Fellows,

RUNNING WILD deeply appreciates your awesome support on the WACKEN:OPEN:AIR festival. Starting with the rehearsal of the new album in the tent, plus your interest & questions, going through the signing & autograph session at the Meet & Greet Point - we decided to give EVERYBODY what he wanted and extended the session for 30 minutes extra time because of the high demand.

On top of it, all was an awesome concert, we felt so great on stage and appreciate your true support! It was really beyond our expectations - the promoter told us that there were about 38.000 !!! people in front of the stage during our show. We are still very impressed and want to say a true & warm THANK YOU for the support. We hope you enjoyed the show as much as we did. All the best & stay wild...more to come...

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