"We are prisoners of our time, but we are still alive. Fight for the
freedom, fight for the right, we are Running Wild!"
- Prisoners Of Our Time, 1984 -
"All liberty is dying, to reign is the sense. Leading you to war,
can't you see where it ends."
- Fight The Oppression, 1985 -
"You're soulless when the fire of evil burns in your heart,
you're soulless 'cause hate and greed's gonna tear you apart."
- Soulless, 1994 -
"So open up your clouded eyes, the conspiracy to see. If you wipe
away their evil world, there's a chance of living free."
- Masquerade, 1995 -
"Strong and proud we'll survive the grief, scream and shout
for what we believe."
- Unation, 2002 -
"Libertalia, the wild and the free ... the ideal of freedom
is ruling the sea."
- Libertalia, 2005 -
"Darkness falls and light will rise, the force of judgement
finally strikes"
- Victory, 2000 -
"Fly our flag, we teach them fear, capture them the end is near.
Firing guns, they shall burn, surrender or fight, there's no return."
- Under Jolly Roger, 1987 -


  23.5.08 - 13:15 / By Running Wild

New website launched!

Welcome to Running Wild's new official website. A legend - this is Running Wild in the year 2008, and this is their new website! Thinking about you - the fans - and knowing the heart of Running Wild we tried to have at the same time an intuitive and elegant site as well as combining the old themes with newer ones, because I consider that Running Wild and Elegance are united.

Fabian Schmidt from source pulse media (www.sourcepulse.biz), the developer behind this amazing design, noticed the vision behind my ideas perfectly and outdone himself.

This site is dedicated to you, because only with your help and support Running Wild is one of the most legendary Metal bands in the world.

Thank you for being with us, enjoy the site and stay tuned for more...!

Jens - Site Admin

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