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02/2004     Jens Pohl   Thilo Herrmann     (German Version)

Hello Thilo, what are you engaged with at the moment and what are your plans for the next months?

Hello Jens. Right now I am quite busy with my family. Two of my kids are still rather young ... I've set up a small studio in my own cellar and I'm writing songs for a new project.

Is there anything in your life that you regret having done or having missed (yet)?

Not really. Im content all around.

Please tell us of three "highs" and "lows" in your life.

My first E-Guitar, my first Marshall-Amp, my first band.

An inflammation of an intervertebral disk

What was the last thing you read?

Pope Joan by Donna Woolfolk Cross.

What was the last movie you watched?

Michel aus Lönneberga (favorite movie of my son Elias).

What was the last album or the last band you listened to?


Imagine you had the possibility to act in a movie. Which movie / part would you choose?

Life itself's a movie and I'm playing myself.

What or whom of the following do you prefer?

Viennese Schnitzel or Pasta - Pasta.

Beer or milk - Milk (right now ... ).


THE WHO or LED ZEPPELIN - Led Zeppelin.

Red or Yellow - Yellow.

Car or motorbike - Car.

Meditation or Martial Arts - Meditation.

The Simpsons or Futurama - Haven't seen Futurama and Bart sucks.

Liv Tyler or Demi Moore - Demi Moore.

Sun or moon - Moon.

Who is / was your idol?

I'm really fascinated by all early birds!!! OK, there are some guitar heroes as well, such as Joe Satriani or Steve Vai ...

Are you interested in history and politics?

We all should be interested in History and Politics, because many things already ran out of the rudder ...

Which historic person yould you like to meet, what would you like to talk about?

I'd be very interested to know if Jesus is satisfied with today's ground staff and how he sees our future, if we keep going on like that.

What is your opinion on file exchange programs, that allow everyone with an internet connection to simply download music / movies? Should the restrictions concerning this matter be eased or tightened? Do you think that the bands, whose music is offered on these exchanges, are harmed financially or can you imagine that they, because of a higher public attention, sell more CD's?

Only when the last song has been covered and the last hit has been recorded as a HipHop edit will you know that you cannot copy music forever. No one can manufacture something (music AND movies) without being paid in any way. Who's supposed to pay for the production and last but not least the musicians / actors, who are the origin of all that? You don't give money to your boss to be allowed to work, do you? No band can pay it's dues alone from being popular, you have to SELL your records ... If someone copies CD's on a grand scale, then there's no question if that is illegal. But since almost anyone can copy programs / CD's, this is not an offence of a single person anymore, but more like worldwide piracy, that might ruin an entire business branch. Where is the loyalty of the fans to the musicians, that is expected the other way? Maybe these music pirates really don't know, that they harm the bands they like to listen to. I know quite some people, that lack the will to understand this and there should be tighter legal restrictions, which have to be enforced, also to protect the honest consumers. There are providers offering single songs for download charging a small fee and of course this is a chance for many bands to offer their music very quickly to a broad public and without the help of vendors ...

How often are you online?

Right now quite seldom, simply ain't got no time.

Which person, in your opinion, should receive a big boot into his backside and why?

Mr. Bush, because he's disguising America's economical objectives with a "Fight against terror in Iraq" - campaign ...

Which Hard Rock / Heavy Metal band should retire from business and why?

Well, usually consumers decide what is being produced, by buying or not buying products, so it's up to the fans to decide who's HOT or NOT. But there are "bands" applying to certain political fringe groups, and there should be regulations concerning this, especially if the lyrics could be classified as "glorifying violence". Musicians are role models for some people and because of that they should be aware of a certain responsibility. If you do not agree so far, wait until you educate your own kids ...

What would you say about the following musicians:

Alice Cooper - Dracula is still alive.

Rick Allen - Sorry, unknown to me ...

Ludwig van Beethoven - Composing genius.

Lars Ullrich - Mr. Metallica, cool drummer!!!

Ozzy Osbourne - I love OZZY. I grew up with his music.

Rolf Kasparek - He's the Boss! Without him a band like RUNNING WILD wouldn't exist.

Rob Halford - Should be singing with JUDAS PRIEST again ... doesn't he already?!

Jim Morrison - ... is dead!

Dave Mustaine - ... still alive?

Timo Tolkki - A great guitarist. I'd like to meet him some day.

Peter Breitenbach - Sorry, unknown to me. Paul Breitner is who comes to my mind ...

Andi Deris - Very good vocalist. He's singing with Pink Cream 69 again, doesn't he?

Doro Pesch - THE german Metal Queen, and still with international success. Respect!

Jon Crosby - Sorry, don't know him. (Jon Crosby, by the way, is the singer, producer and composer from VAST, plays all intruments and delivered his first album single-handed at the age of 18).

Marylin Manson - Too extreme in my honest opinion ...

Chris Boltendahl - Musician at heart!

What do you think of teen-acts like BRITNEY SPEARS and the many young people that participate in shows like "Pop Idol" and "Star Search"?

As mentioned earlier, consumers decide and you can't discuss about taste. BRITNEY SPEARS is working hard for her success, if you ask me: Leave Britney for the teenies, if they want her. I'm not concerned by that. But, dear sirs, whoever claims that he would throw her out of his bed, is a liar or gay. Generally I think, that these shows are a good chance for young talents to be discovered and it's amazing how many people have the talent to sing. What really disturbs me with these shows, is the manner that the jury treats the candidates. This behaviour is more like exposing someone than evaluating his / her talent. Therefore my compliments to Stefan Raab, who treated the candidates in his show absolutely fair.

Which band / musicians would you like to make a world-tour with and who should be supporting you?

I'd enjoy a monstrous tour with RUNNING WILD, with some hot girls playing before us, hahaha ...

What was the funniest event on a tour that you witnessed?

Ah, there were many events to laugh at ... Bodo and me often swapped our stage places during the show; after a couple of gigs Bodo said: "Thilo, that's working out pretty well, we manage to get back to our place just in time for singing along!" My reply: "Of course Bodo, you know, we are true professionals, we don't even mess up the cables of our guitars (I was really careful to walk the same way back across the stage that I had come)." Bodo again: " Uhm, you know, I'm playing wireless ... "

Please rank the following RUNNING WILD albums on a range from 1 to 10 (1 = miserable, 10 = perfect).

* I'm sorry, but I don't know the entire albums, only those classic songs that we played during the rehearsals before the tours. So I only know our live versions.

Gates To Purgatory - *

Branded And Exiled - *

Under Jolly Roger - *

Port Royal - *

Death Or Glory - 9

Blazon Stone - 10

Pile Of Skulls - 9

Black Hand Inn - 10

Masquerade - 10

The Rivalry - 9

Victory - 9

The Brotherhood - 10


What's your favorite RUNNING WILD song and why?

"Riding The Storm", "Bad To The Bone", "Soulless" ... not only one!

Why? Because it was so fucking cool to play these rockers live with the band, having a good time with the fans and delivering the perfect show on stage. And don't forget the pyro-FX, that were fired away with perfect timing, halleluhja.

Which song of RUNNING WILD do you not like at all?

There is no such song, but thinking back to the first rehearsals I remember having had some difficulties in keeping up with Rolf's speed at "Black Hand Inn". You know, he's an old stager, playing nice and easy just out of his thumb, with a broad grin ... once there was even a contest between Rolf and Jörg, who would be able to play faster: Jörg with his double-bass or Rolf on guitar. But I'm not gonna tell you who won, some secrets have to remain (and the tension grows ... ).

Can you still identify yourself with the lyrics and the image of RUNNING WILD nowadays?

Of course, otherwise I wouldn't have been playing with RUNNING WILD for 8 years. But I'm differentiating between show and reality. The lyrics were never a topic with Rolf and me, because I think everyone should be able to read between the lines and get the meaning. Talking about lyrics: Rolf once wrote the lyrics for a song of mine. What really blew me away was that we both chose !exactly the same title! for the song without ever having talked about it before!!! I was really baffled and lost my tongue for a moment ... the song was "Return Of The Gods" by the way. I never thought much about the image, wearing stageclothes was just usual and I never felt dressed up. RUNNING WILD invest a lot of money into the live presentation, and the stagewear just fits into the stage-setup and the show effects. Can anyone imagine RUNNING WILD in Jeans and T-Shirt??? I definitely can't!

I have an association-test here at the end. Please tell us what comes into your mind when you see these terms:

RUNNING WILD - Best time I had as a guitar player. I'm happy to know that RUNNING WILD are still successful.

Soccer - I enjoy watching a game occasionally (if the team plays well), but I'm not a fan of a certain soccer club.

Money - Can't live without it, but it's not the most important thing in life.

Religion - Each to his own. Tolerance is a MUST, otherwise war and terror will exist forever.

Politics - If you need to vomit ... that's the drug of choice.

Aliens - Don't know a single one.

Sex - plus 1 = Seven.

Family / Friendship - Basic principle of human life.

Europe - I feel like a German European. Each coutry should save it's own individuality, that has grown over thousands of years. Tolerance is the word again, which also means, to respect the customs of other countries. Let's not have another "Ballermann" anywhere else.

Black Metal - Music ok, lyrics questionable (sometimes).

Death Penalty - For murderers and child abusers, YES.

Japan - Would have enjoyed to play there as well.

Drugs - Instead of brains?! OUT!

Tattoos - Has to fit in. Not on face, neck or hands.

Music - I can't imagine my life without music.

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