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Rolf Kasparek
Rolf "Rock'n'Rolf" Kasparek
vocals, guitar

Date Of Birth: July 1, 1961

Some Facts:
Rolf received the name "Rock'n'Rolf" in the following manner: One day the band was practising in the cellar of Matthias Kaufmann's house. Matthias's little brother Markus was trying to follow all the terms he was hearing, such as "Rock'n'Roll", "Heavy Metal" and new stage names which the band was talking about. One day, he was listening to his brother and Hasche talking about Rock'n'Roll. The doorbell rang and, when Markus opened the door and saw Rolf there, he shouted confused, "Rock'n'Rolf is here!" - the name stuck.

Rolf, who learned graphics at college, designed the band's logo which is still used today. In Spring 1990 he produced the album "Angel On The Run" of the Czech rock band KREYSON and in December 1991 the LP "Looks Like Dynamite" of the German band KELLEY WILD.

Together with Peter J. Jordan he founded the band GIANT X, who has released its debut album "I" in January 2013.

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