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07/2005     Jens Pohl   Iain Finlay

Hi Iain! It's a pleasure to have the opportunity to ask you, as one of the most popular former members, some questions I guess everybody might be interested in to know. So let's start with some general questions.

How are you and what are you engaged with at the moment? What are your plans for the next months?

I entertain 5 nights a week - as a pro drummer (a live one!). One has to be prepared to travel and put the hours in especially when there are mouths to feed and houses to pay! Due to family commitments I have no choice but to carry on - I suggest everyone should live in a bedsit and eat bread and shit for a period of their life in the name of Rock 'n' Roll, but at 42 years old one should strive for financial maturity.

Is there anything in your life that you regret having done or having missed (yet)?

Possibly the tempestuousness of youth that affects everyone. Conversely, I've got photos of me at 16 years old with "Death Or Glory" on my bass drums so anarchy is built in to every person.

Please tell us of three "highs" and "lows" in your life.

1) My wedding day, 2) Being there for the births of my sons, 3) Playing in Prague with RUNNING WILD - especially sitting in the stadium café with Jens with peanuts for money and nobody recognizing us - brilliant!

1) Getting thrown out of a "nearly" major label band - they came to nothing - Fuckers! - in England at 19 years old, 2) Telling Kai Hansen that Ralf Scheepers sounded like a bad Rob Halford!!! Funny, I didn't get the gig (this was straight after RUNNING WILD), 3) The adultery of my wife after 12 years of marriage.

What was the last thing you read?

I read a lot of current affairs. Books-wise I tend to reread a large collection - call it my sanctuary - of civil war deception - Da Vinci, Archer, Ludlum, Le Carre, Elaney.

What was the last album or the last band you listened to?


Who is / was your idol?

Noone specific. Anyone who has 110 % focus and a firm grip on life I take my hat off to!!!

Imagine you had the possibility to act in a movie. Which movie / part would you choose?

Nonsense - sorry.

Are you interested in history and politics?

Yes - although recent history-stuff that affects 3 generations as the two are intertwined.

Which historic person yould you like to meet, what would you like to talk about?

Sorry, no answer.

Which person, in your opinion, should receive a big boot into his backside and why?

Mugabe and other dictators who control by fear. Also deceit is moony but that won't change.

Now let's talk about RUNNING WILD ... many articles were published about your departure back at that time but only few is known about how exactly do you got in contact with the band and became one of the most popular drummers in RUNNING WILD's history. Please enlighten us.

I was playing in a cover band and some of the friends of the band knew Jens Becker from Erlangen. Stefan went to U.D.O. and I auditioned ...

The booklet of Death Or Glory says "Iain has to play SONOR drums ... ". Sounds like you were forced to play SONOR and I guess you'd like to play some other drums ... what's the reason for this?

See answer to no.2! Plus I wanted a Premier Kit with the "spider frame" like AC got!!! Ah ! The poison of choice!

Talking about Death Or Glory ... according to many fans the lyrics here stand out and contain some words and expressions you don't find in any other RUNNING WILD lyrics. Do you think this can be related primarily to you as an english man or do you think it's the work of the whole band?

Definitely. All lyrics and ideas were "OK"ed by Rolf and the phrasing was fairly rudimentary. My mother-tongue was presented purely as an expansion.

Since when are you able to spit fire and who's idea was it to do it on stage during shows by RUNNING WILD?

I learnt years ago on holiday and was doing it before and after RUNNING WILD. It was my idea but the presentation in the RUNNING WILD context was never finalized or perfected - pity ...

Please rank the RUNNING WILD albums and comment them please.

I can't. They all pervade the feeling of Rolf - progression, attack, ideas etc. are principally RUNNING WILD plus his voice is very original. Also from Death Or Glory onwards I haven't heard anything! Obviously they don't want to send me freebies!

What's your favorite RUNNING WILD song and why?

Some of the songs took on a new lease of life with me in their delivery. Also "Renegade" is a motherfucker, the lyrics to "Death Or Glory" Moti version are the most fun. The "Running Blood - Highland Glory - Marooned" sequent is my own little bit of RUNNING WILD heaven - Although Jens' demo for "Highland Glory" on 4 track is the fucking nuts !!

Which song of RUNNING WILD do you not like at all?

Definitely "Chains & Leather". Mundane, average and far too much like SAXON and the lyrics are embarrassing!

Can you still identify yourself with the lyrics and the image of RUNNING WILD nowadays?

In my heart of hearts I will always be a heavy metal pirate, even when everybody laughs at me. So, err, no! Anyway, it's only fantasy.

What was the funniest event on a tour that you witnessed?

Jens getting stage-dressed at 4 am. Stage door was the wardrobe. He fell in the bath whilst doing his make-up (hair and stuff) and was rescued by Boggie the tourmanager on the street trying to get a taxi to the venue. All the time dressed as an extra in / from Black Adder. I still smile at it.

Are you still in contact with some (former) members?

No, unfortunately not.

Let me ask you some more questions about music in general ... Which Hard Rock / Heavy Metal band should retire from business and why?

Hand on very heavy heart. QUEENSRYCHE. I flew to London so I could sit down and see them perform "Operation: Mindcrime". To me refusing to buy any more albums after "Hear In The Now Frontier" - a very public death and never to return.

Which band / musicians would you like to make a world-tour with and who should be supporting you?

DREAM THEATER and I would give Mike Portney drum lessons (in my dreams!).

What do you think of teen-acts like BRITNEY SPEARS and the many young people that participate in shows like "Pop Idol" and "Star Search"?

BRITNEY SPEARS has been around for a long time so a little respect is in order. Plus she's horny as fuck. Pop and the industry is shallow so to look for the next big thing on Prime Time TV is fodder for the masses. It's just not on my planet.

What would would you say about the following musicians?

Rick Allen - Competent and mentally strong.

Ludwig van Beethoven - A classic.

Lars Ullrich - Total original - you know it was him playing.

Ozzy Osbourne - A classic.

Rob Halford - Brilliant - you know it's him.

Bon Scott - God.

Jim Morrison - Wanker.

Dave Mustaine - Self-centred. No bad thing.

Timo Tolkki - No knowlegde.

Peter Breitenbach - No knowlegde.

Andi Deris - No knowlegde.

Doro Pesch - Hard worker.

Marylin Manson - Brilliant, clever and original.

Chris Boltendahl - No knowlegde.

I have an association-test here at the end. Please tell us what comes into your mind when you see these terms:

Soccer - A way of life for some.

Money - The root of all happiness!!!

Religion - Safety-net for the blameless.

Politics - Important hot-air.

Aliens - Surrounded by them.

Sex - Satisfies a bodily need. Do not confuse with respect, love and acceptance.

Family / Friendship - Blood is Blood - don't turn your back - you can't. Friends come and go and it's only through shared experience that friendships can grow/mature. Distance forces the heart to move on.

Europe - I'll say to anybody who listens that you cannot sew up 10.000 years of difference. The Euro will fall before I'm 50.

Black Metal - Life for some.

Death Penalty - YES, YES and YES again. No human rights for people that break the agreed rules that are there for everybody.

Japan - Great & cuisine!!!

Drugs - A period you go through - if you get stuck blame yourself.

Tattoos - Hate them.

Music - Food of life.

RUNNING WILD - An institution and rightfully so.

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