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The Good And Evil Trilogy: "Masquerade", "The Rivalry" and "Victory"

In 1995 RUNNING WILD released "Masquerade", the first album of a trilogy which was completed by "The Rivalry" - 1998 - and "Victory" - 2000 -. These three albums dealt with the struggle of Good against Evil. "Masquerade" was about the demasking of Evil, "The Rivalry" dealt with the fight between Good and Evil and "Victory" chronicled the triumph of Good over Evil. Rolf Kasparek repeatedly emphasised that it was a loose trilogy and that the albums as well as the songs should also stand alone.

This trilogy marked the end of the cooperation with German drummer, Jörg Michael, who after the tour switched permanently to the Finnish band STRATOVARIUS who he had played with since 1995.

Most Recent Albums

"The Brotherhood" was released in 2002, and despite a lukewarm reception, it was one of the band's most successful albums.

The follow-up "Rogues En Vogue" - 2005 -, way more varied than its predecessor, was composed and recorded again by Rolf Kasparek in his own Jolly Roger Studio and marked the end of the cooperation between Gun Records and RUNNING WILD.

A very successful Farewell-Show - marking RUNNING WILDs 30th anniversary - took place at Wacken Open Air, July 30th, 2009, after which the band took a well-deserved break.

RUNNING WILD returned in 2012 with "Shadowmaker", being the most successful album until today, and released "Resilient" only one year later.

After a short break of three years RUNNING WILD released "Rapid Foray" in 2016.

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