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Image Change - The Golden Age Of Piracy

In 1987, the band released "Under Jolly Roger" which was to be their most important album. It heralded a change of image from the occult to the historical. While it was musically similar to the first two albums, the title track (which also gave the stage show its name) earned the band their new image as Metal Pirates. While the historical lyrics were very superficial at first, the lyrics for later albums were intensively researched by Rolf Kasparek particularly. The album met with overwhelmingly negative reviews but this didn't prevent it being a commercial success.

In the following years from 1988 to 1992 (the albums "Port Royal", "Death Or Glory", "Blazon Stone" and "Pile Of Skulls") RUNNING WILD mainly wrote historically-based lyrics. As well as lyrics about pirates like Calico Jack Rackham, Klaus Störtebeker or the little-known Henry Jennings, the band also addressed subjects like the Wars Of The Roses, The Battle Of Waterloo or the colonization of the New World by the Conquistadors.

Steady Progression To Solo Project

From about the start of the 90s Rolf Kasparek had become increasingly interested in conspiracy theories, something that was apparent from the 1994 album "Black Hand Inn". Simple historical narratives gave way more and more to more complex arrangements of interrelated stories. Other esoteric themes came to the fore: The song "Genesis (The Making And The Fall Of Man)" from "Black Hand Inn" was 15 minutes long and tells the story of Zecharia Sitchins' bestseller "The 12th Planet".

The line-up changes became ever more frequent and this led, in small but noticeable steps, to RUNNING WILD becoming a solo-project for Rolf Kasparek in the studio. The only constant (with the exception of 2000s "Victory" LP) remained the continued interest in pirates.

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