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02/2004     Jens Pohl   Jens Becker     (German Version)

Hello Jens, what are you engaged with at the moment and what are your plans for the next months?

Well, we just finished our European Tour with GRAVE DIGGER. Additionally I signed a contract with my second band ZILLION for Frontiers Records in Italy. The CD is going to be out in April. ZILLION is a Trio with Mike Terrana on the drums and my Cousin Sandro (guitar / vocals), who has been playing in Helge Schneider's band for many years. Right now I'm visiting the family of my wife in Sao Paolo. Whenever we have got the time, we are here in Brazil.

Is there anything in your life that you regret having done or having missed (yet)?

Yes, I planned to get a driving license for a motorbike for ages, but I never managed to get it done. Concerning past times, I should have talked to Rolf more often. I'm sure we could have recorded some more kick-ass albums.

Please tell us of three "highs" and "lows" in your life.

Having met my present wife, my start with RUNNING WILD (I was only 22 years young), my entry into GRAVE DIGGER (already old then).

When Rolf fired me, always only 3 hits in this fucking lottery, Ailton going to Schalke

What was the last thing you read?

Everything's Eventual from Stephen King.

What was the last movie you watched?

Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers.

What was the last album you listened to?

Judas Priest Live (Ripper on vocals).

Imagine you had the possibility to act in a movie. Which movie / part would you choose?

I would have liked to play the part of Christopher Lambert in the first Highlander movie.

What or whom of the following do you prefer?

Alice Cooper or Ozzy Osbourne - Ozzy.

Beer or milk - Beer.



Rock or Pop - Rock.

Car or motorbike - Car (no driving-license for a bike).

Meditation or Martial Arts - Both alike.

The Simpsons or Futurama - The Simpsons.

Liv Tyler or Demi Moore - Liv Tyler.

Sun or moon - Sun.

Who is / was your idol?

Bon Scott.

Are you interested in history and politics?

History yes, politics no. Although both are highly associated, of course.

Which historic person yould you like to meet, what would you like to talk about?

With the indian chiefs Sitting Bull and Geronimo. I would have fought side by side with them. And with God (should he exist). If he's still interested in us, or if he gave this planet up a long time ago (most probably the case).

What is your opinion on file exchange programs, that allow everyone with an internet connection to simply download music / movies? Should the restrictions concerning this matter be eased or tightened? Do you think that the bands, whose music is offered on these exchanges, are harmed financially or can you imagine that they, because of a higher public attention, sell more CD's?

Every coin has two sides.

How often are you online?


Which person, in your opinion, should receive a big boot into his backside and why?

Hitler, Bush, Saddam, Osama, Stoiber: all those insanes (in short form). No need to question "why".

Which Hard Rock / Heavy Metal band should retire from business and why?

ABBA, not heavy enough anymore.

What would you say about the following musicians:

Rick Allen - Manages to regularly beat up his wife with only one arm, respect.

Ludwig van Beethoven - Really great.

Lars Ullrich - Tennis.

Ozzy Osbourne - One of my heroes.

Rolf Kasparek - I'm full of respect for people, that manage to stay up in music business for that long. A very tight rhythm-guitarist, we have been grooving.

Rob Halford - JUDAS PRIEST.

Jim Morrison - Everytime I have to listen to "Light My Fire" I have to vomit.

Dave Mustaine - ABBA.

Timo Tolkki - Diet.

Peter Breitenbach - Warhead.

Andi Deris - Millionaire.

Doro Pesch - Blonde.

Jon Crosby - ? (Jon Crosby, by the way, is the singer, producer and composer from VAST, plays all intruments and delivered his first album single-handed at the age of 18).

Marylin Manson - Satan.

Chris Boltendahl - One of my best friends, and the one that fills my fridge.

What do you think of teen-acts like BRITNEY SPEARS and the many young people that participate in shows like "Pop Idol" and "Star Search"?

I have to vomit.

Which band / musicians would you like to make a world-tour with and who should be supporting you?

I always dreamt of playing with AC/DC. Support wouldn't matter, I think.

What was the funniest event on a tour that you witnessed?

I jumped over a burrow after a concert with GRAVE DIGGER; result: a torn ligament.

Please rank the following RUNNING WILD-albums on a range from 1 to 10 (1 = miserable, 10 = perfect).

Gates To Purgatory - 10

Branded And Exiled - 8

Under Jolly Roger - 8

Port Royal - 9

Death Or Glory - 10

Blazon Stone - 10

Pile Of Skulls - 9

Black Hand Inn - 9

Masquerade - don't know that one

The Rivalry - don't know that one

Victory - don't know that one

The Brotherhood - don't know that one

LIVE DVD - don't know that one

What's your favorite RUNNING WILD song and why?

"Death Or Glory", good times ...

Can you still identify yourself with the lyrics and the image of RUNNING WILD nowadays?

Of course, I mean, GRAVE DIGGER isn't that far away fom RUNNING WILD.

I have an association-test here at the end. Please tell us what comes into your mind when you see these terms:

RUNNING WILD - Really good times, my access to music-business.

Soccer - Werder Bremen.

Money - Calming.

Religion - The root of all evil.

Politics - Lies.

Aliens - Men In Black.

Sex - Really, really important.

Family / Friendship - Really, really important.

Europe - My roots.

Black Metal - Pandas.

Death Penalty - Sensitive topic, no clear opinio.

Japan - Quite far away.

Drugs - Hell.

Tattoos - Really beautiful.

Music - MY LIFE.

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